Guizhou Zhenqi Fine Chemical Limited Liability Company


Innovative development, green friendly,

  • 1-Pentadecanol
  • Citral
  • Alpha-Ionone series
  • Vinyl bromide
  • Grignard reagent series
  • New material and others

English name: 1-Pentadecanol

Molecular weight: 228.4140

Content: 95%


Shape: light yellow liquid

Three advantages

The quality of products produced by the company is excellent and has broad market prospects

01/ Product strength

The annual production capacity of reagents production equipment of Gelia is 3000 tons, and the production line of carbon 15 alcohol is 3000 tons.

02/ Research strength

he company has three postdoctoral fellows in organic synthetic pharmaceuticals,12 master researchers

03/ Brand strength

Founded in 2000, the company is a collection of pharmaceutical , new materials, biological fermentation, trade and other cross-industry composition of the entity enterprises


Dedicated to provide customers with quality products and after-sales service.

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